CCi Plant Certification

CCi Provides Plant Certification Inspections for Architectural Precast Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, Precast Concrete Manufacturing Facilities, and Certification of Precast Concrete Quality Control Personnel.

For over 20 years, CCi has provided America with an assurance of quality from a wide variety of Precast Concrete manufacturing facilities. Architectural wet cast, dry cast, GFRC and Prestressed Concrete production facilities are all inspected by CCi.

CCi Performs Precast/Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification Inspections in 25 States, and Canada. CCI is proud to be accepted by The Florida Department of Transportation, The Army Corps of Engineers and the water mangement districts of Florida.

To ensure your low bidder is prepared to produce quality concrete products, call CCi for an inspection: (239) 454-7663. For complete contact info, see below.


Prestressed Concrete

The CCi Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification Program follows the dictates of PCI MNL 116

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Architectural Precast

CCi administrates the Architectural Precast Concrete Plant Certification Program for the APA

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Precast Drainage QC

All PCSA Quality Control Personnel exams are administered at a place and time of your choice

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In The News

•CCI Captures Florida's Prestressed Certification Market

The vast majority of Florida DOT prestressers have switched to FDOT approved CCI Plant Certification. Plants quickly recognized that a viable certification alternative did exist and would sustain against the intense scrutiny of previous certification providers. Now firmly established in Florida with 70% of the active FDOT approved plants certified by CCI, CCI is poised to offer prestressed certification services to other states. Certification cost savings estimates will easily exceed 60% because no membership fees are charged.

• CCI Now Offers Precast Plant Certification

Miami-Dade County Engineers recently contacted CCI and requested a precast certification for specialty precast structures in South Florida. A new law, passed last March requiring the certifications, is now in effect. Heretofore, only NPCA offered such a certification. Now there is a choice. CCI will inspect these production facilities twice per year, administer the Level I Quality Control Technician, Level II Quality Control Manager personnel certifications and approve the Quality Control Manual. Plant inspections are performed in accordance with applicable FDOT specifications. The yearly cost of certification is three thousand dollars. 

• Speed Fab-Crete Corportation, Fort Worth Texas Becomes CCI's First Texas Prestressed Plant

Speed Fab-Crete, Fort Worth, TX , in addition to its architectural precast and its TXDOT precast products is now producing prestressed double tees for a large job in Oklahoma. Speed Fab's first inspection went almost flawlessly as QC Manager Dan Tilkens had his crew prepped and ready to comply with every aspect of the CCI's 440 point prestressed concrete production check list. CCI inspections cover the entire PCI MNL 116 specification and include certain additional inspection points requested by DOT's, Congratulation to Speed Fab-Crete, one of Americas excellent precast/prestressed production facilities. 



• CCI Expands Prestressed Concrete Certification Into Texas and Oklahoma

Speed Fab-Crete, Fort Worth, in addition to its architectural precast and TXDOT precast products, produced prestressed double tees for a large job in Oklahoma and tornado shelters for Dallas area schools. PCI certification was initially specified, but CCI was quickly accepted as an equal substitute.