CCi Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification Program

The CCi Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification Program follows the dictates of PCI MNL 116, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute's internationally recognized prestressed concrete specification. All biannual unannounced inspections last for a full production cycle.

Owner and Founder Fred McGee felt a quality prestressed concrete plant certification program that follows PCI's MNL 116 Specification for Prestressed Concrete did not have to be expensive to be effective and thorough. "Prestressed trade association certification costs a small plant around $30,000 a year for two, one day inspections and can go up to over $100,000 for a large plant which is absurd," he said.

CCi Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification costs $8,000 per year for two full production cycle inspections with no added requirement and expense of membership. CCi Inspectors remain in the plant to completion regardless of the time required to witness a full production cycle which usually requires a day and a half. "There is finally a choice," said Fred McGee, "the monopoly of single source certification is over and as a result, the price has dramatically declined."

Click Here for a comparison of the CCi program to that of PCI.

Prestressed Concrete Certifications Rapidly Expanding

Firmly solidified in Florida with 73% of the active FDOT approved plants certified by CCi, we are poised to offer prestressed certification services to other states. Certification cost savings estimates will easily exceed 60% because no membership fees are charged.

  • For all plants nationwide seeking a lower cost alternative to their existing certification program, please contact CCi. We will partner with you to seek acceptance in your area. No membership fee is necessary to become CCi Certified.
  • For a copy of the inspection guidelines for prestressed concrete plant certification, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (239) 454-7663.
  • CCi offers its prestressed concrete certification program for use on a national or international level. The same high standards exist as they do for the customized Florida version.
  • CCi will customize this program to fit State, County and local needs. CCi will amend its program to support your particular specifications. Our inspectors will travel directly to any manufacturing facility worldwide.
  • The CCi program can be applied on a job-by-job basis if you need to pre-qualify a non-certified prestresser.